About Me

    • Programming language: PHP,Python,C,C++,JAVA,C#
    • Framework:  Codeigniter
    • Server side Scripting: PHP 7, Python
    • Client side Scripting: Javascript,jquery
    • Database: MYSQL,MSSQL
    • Open source platform: Drupal,Wordpress.
    • Operating Systems: Windows 9x/XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu(Linux).
LinkedIn : Palash Sinha Ray
  1. Hello Mr. Sinha Ray,

    We are looking for skilled professionals in Web Application.
    We feel we can match on the same, so if you are interested to switch, please send your resume to me and we can set a time for further discussions.

    Please mention your present CTC and your expectation from us.

    Saumyatanu Mukherjee
    Global Partnering Program Manager
    Dreamztech Solutions Pvt Ltd
    Call: 7278437876
    Mail: saumyatanu.mukherjee@dreamztech.com


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